Frequently Asked Questions

What color bottles do you currently make?

different-colors-32oz-funnel-hdpe plastic container colorsWe stock some colors for each type of material.  Most common are red, white, blue, and silver.  We can make an item in just about any color you need.  Please contact us for more information.

Do you have the ability to make bottles with a view stripe?

We have a few machines that have view stripe capability, depending on the size and shape of the bottle.

How many colors can you silkscreen?

Our large container silkscreen machine can do three colors in one pass. Machines for smaller to medium size bottles can do two colors in one pass. All are also capable of applying a small sticker/label to the neck/shoulder area.

What is the biggest/smallest size bottle you can make?

Depending on various factors, such as shape and bottle weight, we can make as large as a 2.5 gallon and as small as a 1 oz. container. Please contact us for more information.